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Barley, Pearled AUST 1kg


Organic Pearled Barley is a popular nutritious grain with a mild nutty flavour. It is a good source of fibre, protein and B vitamins. Organic pearled barley cooks faster than unhulled barley grain and is less chewy. It is a delicious alternative to rice, pasta or cous cous.

Certification: Australian Certified Organic-ACO
Origin: Australia

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Pearl barley is barley that has been processed to remove the hull and bran. It is the most common form of barley for consumption as it cooks faster and is less chewy. It is a hearty, tasty grain! Barley is naturally gluten free.

It is recommended to thoroughly cook the barley before consumption as undercooked barley may expand in the stomach.

Barley is a great for alkalizing the body and the urinary tract to help reduce the symptoms of urinary tract infections.