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Yoghurt Natural 1kg Biodynamic


Biodynamic and naturally set in the tub, the exquisite quality is due to biodynamic milk and carefully selected starter cultures. The milk is treated as gently as possible and because it has not been homogenised, the cream rises naturally to the top where it can be savoured and enjoyed or scraped off and discarded if you require a low fat treat.

Ingredients: Biodynamic Whole Milk, Organic Milk Solids, Live Yoghurt Cultures L acidophilus, Bifidobacterium

Certification: Demeter Bio-dynamic

Origin: Millaa Millaa QLD

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The Watson family Biodynamic farm and manufacturing facility, Mungalli Creek is situated in the rolling hills of the southern Atherton Tablelands of tropical North Queensland. Mount Bartle Frere provides a fantastic backdrop to the east, and the farm is situated 800 metres above sea level. Around 60% (120 ha) of the farm is used for dairying the remaining 80 ha has been fenced off and allowed to go back to trees.

Established in 1920, the farm is surrounded on three sides by World Heritage rainforest and is located just above Mungalli Falls. The farm is named after the sparkling Mungalli Creek which feeds Mungalli Falls before it travels 30kms through lush tropical rainforest to the costal plains below. This unique natural combination provides the farm with a pristine environment protected from spray drift allowing us to make the best possible products for you. Our mixed herd of Jersey, Swiss Brown, Aussie Red and Friesian cows graze year round on lush grass-legume mountain pastures, 800m above sea level in the rolling green hills of Millaa Millaa.